Shop our on-line Pop Up Shop through December 15th!

Yep, we’ve got a Pop Up Shop for the holidays! And, it’s open through December 15th for all your last minute holiday shopping! $5 flat[ … ]


What December 4th looks like.

So, November started out with a big ole snow bang. 40 inches in 3 weeks. Everybody seemed kind of depressed cuz if that’s November, I[ … ]


Mittens for Michiganders

Whether you’re a bona-fide local, born and bred, or a visitor that loves this state, you will LOVE these mittens! Anybody who lives here has[ … ]


One of my favorite fall sounds….

I love so many things about fall in northern Michigan: the way the gloomiest day is lit up by yellows and golds, the juxtaposition of[ … ]


Pesto Sweet Corn Salad with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella

When sweet corn season first arrives, all I can think of is eating corn naked (with lots of butter, of course!).  But, after awhile, I[ … ]


Roasted asparagus with egg, feta and olives.

It’s asparagus season up here in northern Michigan and it’s a short one, so we usually try to eat it a couple of times a[ … ]


Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Wow — Mother’s Day is next Sunday!  Here are a few interesting gift ideas for your favorite mama!    


My Monday morning commute.

Yes, I do complain about the cold weather and once in a while, I need a really good attitude adjustment. But, today, it’s sunny, windy,[ … ]


The word is pizazz!

We got our spring and summer shipment of Desigual late last week and it is fabulous!  From extraordinary scarves to colorful dresses and skirts, each[ … ]


Channel your inner artist and create your signature scent.

We love everything about these solid perfume palettes!  We love that the palettes are patterned after an artist’s palette — the fragrances can be blended[ … ]

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