A few of my favorite things – spring 2016.

A few of my favorite things – spring 2016.

Okay, so I pretty much like everything in the store, I admit it.  But, there are certain things that are my absolute favorites.  Here is my list for spring 2016.  Version 1.

Two of them are in this picture.  You see those soaps on the top left?  They are mixed with seaweed so they are naturally exfoliating and they all smell good, but the sea loofa fragrance?  The one on the far right?  Amazing.  I adore it.  Okay, shift over to the far right cubbie and you’ll see a little jar of goodness called Pedicure in a Jar.  Tea tree, peppermint, sugar, and organic olive oil.  She really should have named it Heaven in a Jar.  Smooth it on tired tootsies for exfoliation, yes, but also for REVIVING!  I am on my feet a lot and this product makes my feet feel like they have a second wind.



This map of Leelanau County.  THIS MAP OF LEELANAU COUNTY!   Sorry about the all caps — I just couldn’t contain myself.  It was designed exclusively for The Happy Woman by a talented Michigan artist named Marcy Davy.  I am so happy with it — if you look closely, you’ll see that she managed to include a lot of the things to love about Leelanau County including the Tart Trail, Manitou Islands, the lighthouse and lots more.



These butterfly wing earrings.  They are real wings and they are beautiful.  Don’t worry peeps, I wouldn’t think of harming a butterfly for a pair of earrings.  The wings are taken from butterflies after they have lived their beautiful life in full.  The ear wires are sterling silver, which is nice for those of you who have allergies.  And, truly these are stunning in person and deserve an equally stunning piece of clothing to pair them with.



My next favorite thing is one of the Jenna Kator purses for spring.  I love the compact, boxy shape and I LOVE the color combination!  For those of you who don’t already know, Jenna is a Michigan handbag designer and her classy, fashion forward designs have become very popular in many boutiques, including ours!



Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a complete sucker for inspirational items that have a special meaning.  These pretty gemstone necklaces come on a card listing the meaning of the stone.  There is not one of them I don’t adore.  They are really simple and are the perfect everyday necklace.



I love our clothing line Desigual because of its color and because it is so different.  This year one of my favorite Desigual pieces is this gray sleeveless top.  I love the graphic design on the front and I LOVE the back.  A pop of pattern and color is sewn into the back to make this piece kind of understated for Desigual!  I paired it with a pair of butterfly earrings because if you are going to wear Desigual, you are definitely going to want to be wearing butterfly earrings!



These little plants have been flying out of the store!  Easy to care for and real as heck, they make the perfect freshener for your decor or a fun little gift for somebody you love.



That’s it for now, but stay tuned!  We are getting new inventory pretty much every day, so there will be more favorite things to come.