A garden full of whimsy.

A garden full of whimsy.

Every year, the Little Garden Club of Leland offers a tour of Leelanau County gardens.  This year, 6 gardens were on display and one of them belonged to my friend, Anne.  So, even though my thumb is black and most of the gardening that I do involves watering the one hanging plant that I have on my porch, I had to go.  It was my friend Anne!  When we drove up to her house, some garden lovers were just leaving and they told us that this one was “the best one on the tour.”  After spending some time there, I have to agree!  Here is a peek at a most creative garden, full of fun and whimsy.

My favorite:  Gnome World!


A purple gate opens onto an intriguing path.


A bright pop of red from this cardinal.



I loved the hot pink with the bright blue…and the bench bunnies, of course.



Cool succulent garden accented with pieces of driftwood from the beach.


She made the arms and legs for the Garden Lady.


A little spot for crumpets and tea.  The elephant has false eyelashes!