What’s for Dinner

There’s a man in my kitchen!

Is anybody else tired of cooking?  Somewhere along the line, in the last year or so, I hit the wall.  38 years of planning and[ … ]

Sunday supper: Garlic & sage brined pork chops with cherry balsamic chutney.

In my continued quest to do justice to our one quarter of a pig, I have been looking for recipes for pork chops. And, specifically,[ … ]

….and then I bought a pig.

Well, to be clear it was a quarter of a pig. My husband and I are meat eaters (see: and then I bought a pig)[ … ]

Roasted asparagus with egg, feta and olives.

It’s asparagus season up here in northern Michigan and it’s a short one, so we usually try to eat it a couple of times a[ … ]

An April Sunday night dinner when Monday’s forecast is for snow.

Wow — we just can’t seem to make spring come to life in northern Michigan this year.  We’ve had a small taste, but every time[ … ]

You’re 3 ingredients away from Apricot Chicken Divine.

Don’t let the name fool you.  While it is rather Mad Men-esque (I can kind of see Betty Draper preparing this dish for Don and[ … ]

Pinteresting Comfort Food: Braised Red Cabbage with Goat Cheese

I’m a casserole kind of girl, mainly because I hate thinking of side dishes to make.  It’s a lot easier when all of the food[ … ]

My Mama’s Crunchy Kiwi Chicken Salad.

Whew, this land of cool breezes has turned hot and muggy on me!  The last thing I wanted to do today was turn on the[ … ]

Green bean, corn, tomato and cucumber salad.

I’m always on the look out for interesting side dishes.  I can usually figure out a decent main dish, but then my creativity wanes when it[ … ]

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