Change is good. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Change is good. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

I don’t know if you knew this, but every winter I make changes to the store. In addition to deep cleaning the store and the floor (ugh, old-fashioned Armstrong tile that needs to be stripped and waxed), I try to fix things that weren’t working in the previous season. This year, I flipped a clothing rack to the other side of the store, painted over a stencilling border project that I was very proud of when I did it, bought a new fixture that was lighter, got rid of a couple of display pieces that were difficult to sell from (and that I have had for over 20 years), painted some new things white, and some new things black, got new dressing room curtains, painted over some of the chalkboard space, and painted the back chalkwall white with a black border. I was trying to make the shop feel cleaner, less busy, and fresh. I think I corrected some things that made the flow through the store much better as well. And, of course, I didn’t do it alone. My trusty partner, Steve, made most of the painting happen. Here are some pics of the store in progress!

I moved this clothing rack from the other side of the store. I think it’ll make it much easier to check out both sides and keep the flow through the store moving better. Also, look at the floor! SO SHINY!!!

Steve literally painted all the things. Also, I moved that yellow mirror behind him from a dressing room and out to the front where it looks much prettier.

This is the new display piece that I purchased! I love the natural wood. That wall is where the two-sided clothing rack used to be and now it’s very clean and fresh. In this pic, you can see where all the the stencilling at the top of the wall is GONE.

This is one of the pieces I deep-sixed. It was the top of a hutch that I was using as a shelf that rested on the floor and it was really difficult to see things. I got it for nothing so I sold it for nothing!

Here are the new dressing room curtains! I am so happy with them. I ordered them from Society 6, a spot where lots of artists allow their creations to be printed on a variety of items, including shower curtains, lucky for me.

This is the stripping phase of the floor cleaning. I haven’t figured out a better alternative than good old scrubbing by hand, so that’s what we do.

Here is an example of the stencilling project that we painted over and, I almost forgot, I removed a tree from the wall too! Oy. Sometimes I have to wonder what I was thinking!

Can’t wait for you to see the new, improved Happy Woman!