Happy Woman Store Display


Every year, during the winter down time, I like to shake things up a bit in the Suttons Bay store because (1) I am bored and (2) I want you to come back. This year, Tony, the co-owner of Little Bee’s Italian Ice helped me out tremendously by making some of my ideas come to life.  He put the 3 old wooden doors that I found at Odom Reusable Building Materials (for 15 bucks apiece — score!) together to create a mini art gallery. It was kind of like adding a wall to the store as it has given me so much space to display the art prints from the many female artists that we represent: Terri St. Cloud, Kristen Jongen, Kelli Rae Roberts, to name just a few. You can see the finished project in the picture above.

I also found this kind of beat up folding artist’s easel at a second-hand shop and thought it was the perfect way to display our Perfume Palettes.  Artist, easel, palette, get it? Anyway, I painted it and I love the way it turned out. I glued the testers on the front, so you’ll be able to access each palette easily for testing. The extra stock will be stored in the main box of the easel.

Finally, a piece inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. Tony made it come to life and I am so happy with it. It is going to give me lots of space for displaying purses, sweaters, and other items with space up top for hats and art. I love, love, love it!  The terra cotta colored piece on the left used to have shelves in it, but it was kind of deep and dark. I always struggled with finding the right products to highlight there. SO… Tony removed the shelves and added a bar and turned it into a unique place to hang clothing. We reused the shelves, too — for highlighting jewelry displays and we added another shelf to the fragrance display. Tony did a wonderful job and Mary painted everything beautifully!

So, that’s it. We’re ready to go. The floor has been cleaned and new products will start to ship at the end of March. We’re shooting for an April 6th opening date! Cannot wait to see you!