Getting all fresh and stuff.

Getting all fresh and stuff.

Every year, I try to make changes to the store for the next season and every year when I’m done, I think:  how can there be anything left to change?  But, as it turns out, there always is something to paint or move or tweak.  Here’s what happened over the winter:

Some major color changes to furniture pieces I’ve had forever.  This one came from a friend in Grand Haven.  We hauled it here from Pentwater when we moved and it has stayed with me ever since.  This year, it got a lighter paint job.



Another paint job on another warhorse piece.  I’ve had it forever and it’s been many colors and, at one time, the mirror was really a mirror.  We added the chicken wire a couple of years ago and now it’s a really darn good jewelry holder.


And this corner is all fresh & stuff!  A lighter table top, the inside of the hutch brightened up, the corner piece painted eggshell, and the drawers on the hutch changed from red to turquoise.  Also, a rearrangement of the mirror for easier access.



And, finally the climactic entry in this post:  a second dressing room in the store!