It’s like a fortune cookie for your soul.

It’s like a fortune cookie for your soul.

The past few years have been an exercise in excavating my inner voice, the voice that knows exactly what I want and need at any given time.  It was always there, of course, but I blotted it out in favor of listening to my ego or to other people.  I listened a lot to other people. Even if they weren’t speaking to me, I was picking up on their non-verbal cues and acting according to what I thought they wanted from me.  It got so bad that my intuition wasn’t working at all — well, it was probably working, but with all the noise in my head, it just couldn’t get through.  I started to read books that would quiet my mind, do yoga a few times a week, dabble with meditation, and be open to other ways of getting my mojo back.  Along the way, I bumped into Lissa Rankin on Twitter.  Lissa is an M.D., author, and teacher. She just published the book Mind over Medicine, which I loved.  She also does this daily email message called The Daily Flame.  Basically, it is a message from your inner voice to you every day.  I love seeing what is going to show up — it is always meaningful for me.

Here are some of the messages I’ve received over the past weeks.  If you think you’d like to try this out, click here to sign up!

Every time you lean out when you really wish to lean in, you dim me.

Every person has within them a divine spark, but way too many people don’t realize this, so it becomes incumbent upon those of us who do know to spread the word.

Remember, sometimes it takes breaking down to break through.