Looking forward to a magical 2015.

Looking forward to a magical 2015.

Sometimes, I get these feelings about the year ahead and I just get so excited I can’t stand it! I just know that 2015 is going to be a truly great year for all of us.

On the store front, we have so many things planned for you! We want to keep you delighted, excited, and happy to shop with us, so I’ll be redecorating a bit and will share the progress with you on this blog.

Most of our spring clothing items have been ordered — we have a few new lines coming in, as well as your favorites like Desigual, Mystree & Synergy. Look for a LOT more Kut Denim jean styles!

And, as for the gifty items: hold on to your hats because we are going crafty. Look for new items made in the USA by people who truly care about what they are doing.

The store will be closed from January – March for cleaning, redecorating and, let’s face it, for vacationing, so we’ll see you in April! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces!