New Product Drop – Let’s Snuggle In!

New Product Drop – Let’s Snuggle In!


We don’t have a lot of snow up here right now, but the days are pretty gray (except for yesterday – that was amazing!) and my mind is starting to go down that gray road, so I know it’s time to call in the cozy police. Winter is down time for me and I don’t want it to become downer time, so when I was selecting products to restock the site, I was thinking about staying cozy and calm, little treats that don’t cost a bundle, little bundles that could make my day or hour a little brighter:

new socks (but in florals to brighten my day);

a tropical spa kit that lets me experience a Hawaiian getaway in an hour (okay, it’s not QUITE the same, but hey…);

a stress relief bath bomb that makes the water turn the most soothing shade of aqua green and smells of soothing essential oils like lavender;

an aromatherapy pen that lets me get it all out on paper, while at the same time releasing therapeutic vibes from the essential oils in its cap;

an inspiring necklace that helps me remember that one step at a time is the only way to get through anything;

and a card to remind me that, yes, I AM a goddess! It’s easy to forget, right?

If you need a pick me up or want to send one to somebody else, check out all the little prezzies we just added to the online store….

Hang in there!

XXOO, Linda