One door closes (for the winter!) and another one opens (year round!)

One door closes (for the winter!) and another one opens (year round!)

We had a wonderful year in Suttons Bay and we owe it all to our wonderful customers!

We had a few crazy things happen like the brand new internet service deciding that it did not want to work on Memorial Day weekend. Jayne, our CMU student, handled things like a pro since I was at the virtual end of the earth (end of Old Mission Peninsula — same thing really. Don’t believe me? Try to drive from that point to Suttons Bay in a hurry. Not going to happen.) She made lemonade out of lemons and all was well.

At the end of the season, Mary decided that she would like to lead a life that was a little less scheduled. She won’t be here on a regular basis next year, but she has generously offered to fill in if we need her. I know you all will miss her smiling face, her fabulous style and her willingness to help you put together a fabulous outfit. I will miss her great ideas, her stupendous window displays, her dependability, her accuracy, her friendliness to customers. In short, a lot of things. But, we had her for almost 7 years and that’s a long time.

Linda and Kerry and Jayne kept things going all summer long. And they completely took over when I was gone for two weeks this fall to spend time with my mom as she healed from hip replacement surgery. I truly could not ask for a better team and am so grateful to all of them for what they do for me and for THW.

All in all, a tremendous season. As always, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for next year and I will be making some changes to the store layout during the winter. (I always say that the year I don’t have any new ideas is the year I will call it quits).

Thank you all for your friendship, your loyalty, your kind words, your support. I am so grateful!

Stay tuned — I am going to be a better blogger this year!