(S)Hero Self-Care Kits Now Available.

(S)Hero Self-Care Kits Now Available.

Heroes abound right now! They are taking care of us in hospitals and doctor’s offices, but also bagging our groceries, mailing our packages, filling our prescriptions, bringing us dinner when we can’t cook one more minute, fixing our broken appliances.

We all need to take care of ourselves, but heroes especially so. This gift kit was put together with that in mind. All of the products are designed for a day of care: aromatherapy bath salts, aroma therapy shower steamer, shea butter gloves and socks, a 4 step spa kit and a (S)Hero soap. Oh and a caramel!

It’s $37 worth of products for $32 because we are including the (S)heroes soap at cost.

Your package will be shipped with all items wrapped in cute paper and ribbon and with your message of encouragement included.

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