Shop Girl Diary: 11/12/2018

Shop Girl Diary: 11/12/2018

Our fall season seemed very short, but the days that were sweet were so so sweet.

We had such a great summer, even though there were some unexpected kinda sorta glitches.  Our good friend, Linda, generously donated a kidney to her brother in July, which temporarily left us a little short-handed.  My sweet friend, Cymbre of Moonstruck Gardens, helped us out on Tuesdays in July & August, and Morgan, the daughter of a dear customer, helped out on the weekends before she started college in August.  I often say it takes a village to run The Happy Woman, but I am so happy that there are so many wonderful villagers willing to lend a hand because I really couldn’t have done it all by myself.

Nancy and Kerry really are in a category of their own because they are both unbelievably kind to customers, always ready & willing to work, and each brings her own unique talents to the job.  Here is a pic of the A-Team!  (Linda is healed and back to being her charming, always helpful self at THW.  And her brother is doing very well, too.)

Our customers this year have been extraordinarily kind and generous to us!  It feels so good to know so many names and faces now.  Next year, we will start our 15th year in Suttons Bay and our 20th season in business.  Don’t worry, we’re gonna have one heck of a good party cause that is a doggone big milestone in my eyes.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we walk with slow steps toward the end of this, our 19th season in business.  We’ve got a great sale going on right now, with 25% off all regularly priced clothing and we’ve also got a lot of great gift ideas for your favorite women.  Everybody says this is the year of the woman, but we’ve known all along that every year is the year of the woman; we’ve been orienting our product selections toward women and only women for 19 years.

This is also the time of the year that we begin to look forward to the next season.  I’ve always said that it’s really hard to be in the moment if you’re a retailer.  Everything is always about the future.When you’re at the beach, you’re figuring out which holiday merchandise to order and when you’re shivering in February, you’re ordering clothing for fall – before you’ve even opened for the spring season!  I’ve been trying really hard to enjoy the moments though because that’s really where the happiness lies.  So that having been said, we’ve ordered almost all of our spring clothing for next year.  All of your favorites lines will be back….

and we have a few new surprises for you too.


These last few weeks we’ve been preparing the final window of the season, too.  This is always fun, but can be tricky, because we close before Christmas.  Consequently, it needs to be holiday-ish but also mostly winter-ish because it stays up until we get ready to open in April.  Nancy did last year’s window and it was spectacular, so I asked her to do this year’s too.  Her inspiration?  The prints of Emilio Pucci, the Italian designer.  And the color theme?  Blue, black, white, and silver.    I’ve worked on a little bit of it, but the show piece is the dress she has made for the mannequin and for that, we all have to wait until this Friday, when the window goes in.


We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and hope that you’ll stop by and see us on Thanksgiving weekend!