Shop Girl Diary: January 18, 2013

Shop Girl Diary: January 18, 2013

Baby, it’s cold outside.  And, I’m not talking the 50 degrees that my wintering in Florida parents now consider cause for turning on the heat.  I’m talking bone-chilling.  Bitter.  As in, I’m bitter about how cold it is outside.  Today’s high is in the teens, Monday’s forecast in the pre-teens.   Not much to do but sit by the fire, leaf through catalogs looking for unique gifts for all you remarkable women out there, and go to Pinterest to figure out more stuff for Tony to build for the Suttons Bay store.  I guess drinking is an option, but that gets kind of old after awhile.

Tony, my winter builder, is the co-owner of the sweetest little Italian ice shop in northern Michigan called Little Bee’s.  Conveniently located directly in back of my shop, it is my go to place for iced tea, Italian ice style, which is fresh brewed iced tea with lemon Italian ice instead of ice cubes.  I know!  Refreshing, sweet, thirst-quenching.  But, I digress.  Tony is also a skilled builder and, because I like to shake things up a bit in my store every year, and because there isn’t much call for a nice cold cup of Italian ice this time of the year (see bitterly cold paragraph above), Tony and I cooked up a few changes for the inside of The Happy Woman store in Suttons Bay.  I should say Tony, I, and Pinterest.  Oh, that darned Pinterest, putting ideas in my head all the time.  Anyway…….Tony is building the unit below to take the place of the wall that used to house Kelly Rae Roberts canvas plaques.  Don’t worry — KRR isn’t going away, just to a different place in the store.


And, to house all of the work of the many fine women artists that we represent:  Kelly Rae Roberts, Terri St. Cloud, Kristen Jongen, Melody Ross, Michelle DeFillippo, Tony is building a small gallery wall from old doors.  I’m hoping that he can put the light fixture in, too.  That would be really cool.


So, when Tony’s done, I’ll post pics of the inside of the store.  I always get so excited about reopening this time of the year.  I just got back from market, so most of the new stuff has been purchased and now we’re finishing up the inside, too.  April here we come!