Stocking Stuffers 2021!

Stocking Stuffers 2021!

EVERYBODY knows that stockings are the best part of Christmas, right? Here are some great ideas for small things that are fun to open.

Be Bright, Be You Facial Mask

Need a glow up? This gold foil mask contains fruit extracts (especially lemon) to bring out your natural brightness.

Snow Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb

A beautiful bomb that will infuse your bath with the scent of violet, greens, and muguet. As the bomb fizzes in your tub, beautiful botanicals and crystals will be released, giving you all the good juju you need to get through the holidays!

Teeny Weeny Moss Fall Friends

Looking for a little plant friend that you can’t kill? These tiny moss balls just need cold water and the occasional joke told to them – they are maintenance free, unless you’re not a good joke teller. They come in a tiny glass bottle with a stopper and some stones for the bottom – they like a nice looking home!

Shea Butter Skin Softening Gloves

My hands are already feeling dry and flaky, mainly because of extra washing and lots of sanitizer. These shea butter gloves are packed with moisture and will make your hands feel like a zillion bucks. For an extra treat, soak them in hot water for awhile – a paraffin treatment without the paraffin lol!

Plant Mom Pin

Your resident plant lover/pin wearer will love this pin designed by Washington state artist, Samantha Leung.

Manifestation Temporary Tatoos

These temporary tattoos come in packs of two – one for you, one for a friend.