There’s a man in my kitchen!

There’s a man in my kitchen!

Is anybody else tired of cooking?  Somewhere along the line, in the last year or so, I hit the wall.  38 years of planning and fixing meals just caught up to me.  I’ve found ways around it like having the wonderful Shannon from WhiskTc, a local meal kit service, do the planning and prepping.  And we’ve been buying more prepared items from the grocery store.  But the  best surprise of all has been Steve’s willingness to take on some of the culinary duties.  Today he made an old crockpot favorite, Spicy Chicken Stew.  It’s super easy, full of veggies and flavor.  It takes some chopping, but lots of the flavor comes from dumping a bottle of salsa in – how easy is that?

You can always tell when a recipe is beloved.

The man in the kitchen in action.

Lots of veggies.

And here’s the finished product.  You can find the recipe here.