We are open!

We are open!

It was a very long April and May, but we were cleared by the governor to open on May 22nd – and we did! We are taking things slow of course to make sure that we keep our community safe as well as our employees and you, our friends!

A mask is required in the store right now and we are limiting the number of people in the store to four, as it is pretty small and can get downright social distancing un-friendly with any more than that! We are steaming any clothing that is tried on and not purchased and we are sanitizing the dressing rooms after each use, so please feel free to touch things and try things on. We have some really cute stuff!

We are also cleaning, cleaning, cleaning common surfaces (like the front counter) constantly and if you pay by credit card, we’ll hand it back to you in a sanitized wipe! We’d love you to use the hand sanitizer provided at the front entrance and at the counter as well.

Even though things are weird, it has been less weird than I thought it might be. My biggest problem has been not recognizing people with face masks which seems to strange to me. The people in have been happy and cheerful and seem like they are resilient and adapting to these changes. I guess we can fight it, but it feels a lot worse than adapting! Anyway, it is so great to see you all again and I’m really looking forward to the summer!

Thank you for all your support while we were closed – it means the world to me!

XXoo, Linda